The Global Forum on Cyber Expertise (GFCE) is a global platform for countries, international organizations and private companies to exchange best practices and expertise on cyber capacity building. The aim is to identify successful policies, practices and ideas and multiply these on a global level. Together with partners from NGOs, the tech community and academia GFCE members develop practical initiatives to build cyber capacity.



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thegfce @thegfce

The Netherlands @DutchMFA and the United Kingdom @LondonCyber announce support to #cybercapacitybuilding and #thegfce through the World Bank. We look forward to others joining. 💪

73 days ago
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Deborah Housen-Couri @debahc

Great sessions at the @gfce Working Group meetings at The Hague yesterday and today. The multi-stakeholder engagement model is providing much food for thought for the next stage of GFCE cyber capacity building via the 5 Working Groups.

74 days ago
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Goran Gotev @gorangotev

Attending @thegfce working groups happening today & tomorrow in The Hague. #Cybersecurity #cooperation, #policy and #capacitybuilding will be among the key topics of discussion among public sector, academia and industry representatives alike.

75 days ago
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