The Global Forum on Cyber Expertise (GFCE) is a global platform for countries, international organizations and private companies to exchange best practices and expertise on cyber capacity building. The aim is to identify successful policies, practices and ideas and multiply these on a global level. Together with partners from NGOs, the tech community and academia GFCE members develop practical initiatives to build cyber capacity.

Tekst GFCE

VOICE OVER: Cyberspace.

It brings us social and economic growth and innovation.

But we have to keep it open, secure and free. Together, on a global scale.

On April 16th, 2015, we launched the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise.

Our goals:

Develop innovative cyber solutions

and exchange of expertise

to build cyber capacity.

We will work together.

For instance, to make sure people are safe online,

to build strong Incident Response Teams,

and to improve national cyber laws.

Our members are governments,

intergovernmental organizations,

and private companies from all over the world.

NGO’s, the tech community and academics will be closely involved.

Help us make cyber a safer space. Join the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise.