Procedures for joining the GFCE

Countries and various organizations can become a GFCE Member or Partner. Information about joining the GFCE can be found here.


Eligible for full GFCE Membership are countries, intergovernmental organizations (IGO’s), international organizations and private companies. Members have the commitment and/or resources to contribute to cyber capacity building activities such the GFCE Working Groups, the GFCE Annual Meeting or GFCE Initiatives.

Full Members enjoy all the benefits the GFCE has to offer, such as:

  • Access to all available expertise (documentation, minutes, reports, toolkits, best practises etc.);
  • The possibility to participate in all activities and discussions;
  • Having a voice in setting the common agenda and its goals.

Countries and organizations wishing to join the GFCE may send their application letter to the GFCE Secretariat. Important to note is that the application letter should include an endorsement of the GFCE founding documents as well as the Delhi communiqué. Endorsement will have to be confirmed by the relevant high level representative.

Applications for Membership will be circulated to the current members via a silence procedure. This follows the GFCE framework document which states: “GFCE members will be consulted on requests for membership”.

Member Countries

It is important to note that countries become GFCE member as a government and not as a separate government entity.

Member of the private sector

For purposes of optimal commitment as well as for practical reasons private companies are requested to be engaged with the GFCE on global or corporate level rather than through national or regional branches.


Eligible for GFCE Partnership are non-governmental organizations, the technical community, academia and SME’s with a specific cyber expertise. GFCE Partners can roughly be divided into knowledge partners and implementing partners. An organization is eligible for partnership if at least one GFCE Member recommends the organization as an official Partner.

Requests for joining the GFCE can be sent to:

More information on Members and Partners can be found under the headings ‘Organization’ and ‘Members and Partners’.