What are the benefits of becoming a GFCE member or partner?

Becoming part of the GFCE network comes with the following benefits:

Global network and platform. The GFCE network consists out of a broad range of stakeholders in cyber capacity building and is ever expanding. Next, the GFCE is an information sharing platform that facilitates a global network of cyber policymakers and experts. Joining the GFCE community grants your organization access to this global network and platform, allowing your organization to gain more influence in global (cyber) affairs.

Access to the good practices and expertise of GFCE initiatives. The GFCE community shares results, good practices and expertise in cyber capacity building of GFCE initiatives. Your organization’s membership entails free access to this expertise, permitting it to improve on its existing cyber capacity.

Enhance international cooperation in the cyber domain and reduce overlap. The GFCE functions as a global coordinating mechanism on cyber capacity building. By creating an overview of the existing projects and efficient allocation of resources, the GFCE can avoid duplication blind spots and therewith improved efficiency in the delivery of new programs.

A multistakeholder forum. The GFCE brings together national governments, intergovernmental organizations, international organizations, private companies, the technical community and academia.

Accessible organization with a low threshold. Becoming a Member or Partner of the GFCE is a very simple process. You will not be committed to unnecessary obligations and immediately reap the benefits of our growing network.

Free of charge. There are no subscription costs attached to GFCE membership.