Which communication tools are at my disposal as a GFCE member or partner?

The GFCE has the following communication tools available for all members and partners:

  • GFCE website: All GFCE members and partners have a personal webpage on the GFCE website. On the webpage information on participation in GFCE initiatives, focus on specific cyber topics, recurrent cyber-related events and contact information can be presented. Furthermore, news articles on important developments related to GFCE can be published on the website.
  • Twitter: The GFCE uses a twitteraccount to (re)tweet important GFCE news. The hashtag #thegfce is used when tweeting about GFCE.
  • Digital branding kit: The following digital branding is available for GFCE members and partners upon request: Logo, word template for GFCE reports/publications and Powerpoint template for GFCE presentations
  • GFCE branding during meetings: GFCE meetings and meetings of initiatives can be supplied with GFCE materials such as banners, pens and notepads.

Please contact the Secretariat for more information on communication tools.