What support can members and partners expect from the GFCE secretariat?

Point of contact

  • The Secretariat is the point of contact for all GFCE members - partners and administers the GFCE contact list. 
  • The Secretariat is the point of contact for potential GFCE members - partners and processes all new membership requests.
  • The Secretariat is the point of contact for all general questions regarding the GFCE.

Support of GFCE members and initiatives

The Secretariat offers administrative, logistical and analytical support to GFCE members and initiatives. Please find an overview of the services and products provided to members in carrying out their initiatives here.

Matching supply and demand

The Secretariat facilitates (further) collaboration between GFCE members - partners and exchange of cyber expertise:

  • The Secretariat brings stakeholders who are working on similar initiatives together and supports new initiatives in the recruitment of other interested members and partners.
  • The Secretariat keeps a contact list of relevant cyber experts who can be approached for participation in initiatives.

Information sharing

The Secretariat facilitates information sharing within the GFCE community and beyond:

  • The Secretariat manages the GFCE website and is responsible for keeping all information up to date. The Secretariat requests GFCE members and partners to share the following information: Overview and progress of their initiative(s); Relevant cyber capacity building documents, in specific best practices and lessons learned. Further the Secretariat keeps an agenda of upcoming expert meetings and publishes reports of past meetings.
  • The Global Cybersecurity Capacity Centre provides a broader online inventory of global capacity building projects on its own website, complimentary to but not overlapping the GFCE website.

Organization of Annual GFCE meetings

The Secretariat supports the organization of a high-level Annual GFCE meeting. The Annual GFCE meetings are organized by the GFCE co-chairs and attended by the GFCE community.