What does a GFCE initiative commonly entail?

Taking a multistakeholder approach, the GFCE connects governments, private companies, civil society, the technical community and academia in building cyber capacities.

GFCE initiatives can be organized on a regional or global scale.

GFCE members and partners take the lead in deciding on the content and work method of their initiatives. There is not one size fits all format for GFCE initiatives.

While some initiatives are started under the GFCE umbrella, others already existed as bilateral or regional projects before designated as a GFCE initiative.

Some general characteristic of GFCE initiatives are:

  • There is a collaboration between at least 2 GFCE members;
  • Initiatives are focused on a specific cyber theme;
  • The coordinators of the initiatives seek to address challenges and/or gaps in their cyber theme;
  •  Initiatives develop concrete products and/or activities to enhance cyber capacities;
  • The coordinators of the initiative are responsible for development and implementation of their products and/or activies;
  • All GFCE members and partners are welcome to join initiatives;
  • NGOs, academia and the tech community can be involved in the initiative to provide expertise and/or assistance;
  • The outcomes of initiatives are shared with, and if possible multiplied, by other GFCE members.