Cyberspace is an ideal platform for criminals to conduct their business with only a relatively small risk of being caught.  

Jurisdictional issues

Almost everyone has received phishing emails, asking for their bank information. But also bank robberies, stealing of computer data and human trafficking can be conducted online. While cybercriminals can easily operate and spread their activities across borders, rule of law enforcers are tied to their own jurisdiction. The technical complexity of the internet, the opportunities for anonymous use and the fastness of transactions further complicate efforts to effectively tackle criminal networks.

Rule of law cooperation

The GFCE offers a platform for members to improve their cooperation to investigate, prosecute and adjudicate cybercrime. GFCE members develop basic cybercrime training courses for prosecutors to improve international law enforcement in the cyber domain and fight international cybercriminals. This will support prosecutors and investigators to understand issues related to international hosting and jurisdiction and the importance of international cooperation. Other efforts that are ongoing within the GFCE include training of judicial staff on cybercrime related issues and assessing regional cybercrime response capabilities.

Current cybercrime initiatives: