Cyberspace becomes more and more densely populated. This poses a continuous challenge of safeguarding our security while maintaining an open and innovative digital domain.

Maintaining trust in the cyber domain

The number of threats is keeping pace with the internet’s expanding scale, if not outpacing it. Inherent shortcomings or built-in flaws in the architecture and use of the web are also surfacing more frequently. Security breaches undermine trust in the cyberdomain and stifle its economic and social potential.

Building effective cyber response mechanisms

Under the umbrella of the GFCE, members and partners exchange lessons learned in their national and corporate cyber security mechanisms. How to respond to current and emerging threats? What are the key components of national cybersecurity frameworks? Members learn from each other to build effective proper response mechanisms and how to organize this. An example is the support offered to help emerging and existing Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs).

Raising awareness about online behaviour

GFCE members also work on enhancing awareness on how to safely use the internet. Professionals and the general public need to be aware of harmful behavior and practices that make them vulnerable to cyber threats. Awareness raising is crucial to maintain public trust in the cyber domain.

Current cybersecruity initiatives: