Data protection

We increasingly store our personal data in the digital domain. But what happens to this data?

Data storage and data access

The modern world is changing and information and communication technologies are facilitating this change in a way that was unthought-of of before. We interact online, we buy online and we conduct business online. This also means that we store our personal information in the digital domain; our name, our address, the places we visit and also our financial information. But what happens to this data? Where is it stored and who has access to it? These are essential questions when it comes to privacy and the protection of data.  

Balancing privacy with security and openness

Through closer collaboration, GFCE members share their expertise and thoughts on how to balance the use of data collection on one hand and protection of privacy on the other to secure a free, open and trusted cyberspace for everyone. These are not easy issues to deal with. The GFCE provides the platform to share these questions and learn from each other.

There are currently no GFCE initiatives on data protection