There is still a world to win when it comes to digital empowerment of societies.

A lot of existing initiatives

Over the years, a large number of initiatives have been undertaken to push the electronic governance agenda forward and to improve delivery and accessibility of services on online or mobile platforms. Governments are using ICTs to improve their internal functioning, to deliver online services to the citizens and to increase participation by involving the public in online decision making processes. We can provide our opinions and feedback online, we don’t have to walk for days to submit documents in person and even in remote areas, we can find the information we need on the web. E-health and e-education are new fields in development.

Scaling local success to a global level

The GFCE being linked to countries, regions and constituencies provides an ideal platform to identify successful local initiatives and scale them to a global level. While recognizing local contexts, GFCE members can exchange experiences and identify bottlenecks and good practices that can be applied everywhere. This saves other members from having to reinvent the wheel.

There are currently no GFCE initiatives on e-governance