During the Global Conference on Cyberspace 2017, the GFCE community endorsed the Delhi Communiqué on a GFCE Global Agenda for Cyber Capacity Building. The Delhi Communiqué is endorsed by all GFCE members and reaffirms their shared commitment to strengthen cyber capacity and expertise globally and to make cooperative efforts by all stakeholders in this field more effective by advocating for the use of international standards and good practices, complementing, but not limited to, existing initiatives, and fostering collaboration across all stakeholders.

Underlying document of the Delhi Communiqué: GFCE Global Agenda for Cyber Capacity Building

Throughout 2017, the GFCE has conducted extensive research, consultations and discussions to develop the GFCE Global Agenda for Cyber Capacity Building (GACCB). The global multi-stakeholder community (national governments, technical community, private companies, international organizations, knowledge partners and civil society) provided input and feedback at every step of its development to ensure the GACCB supports global ambitions.

Objective of the Global Agenda

The GACCB aims to encourage the global community to:

  • Strengthen international cooperation;
  • Develop a common (global) focus;
  • Make more efficient use of available resources;
  • Establish a shared set of ambitions.

The GACCB reaffirms the GFCE’s efforts on prioritization of cyber capacity building and calls for action to jointly strengthen global cyber capacities. The GACCB is organized into three sections:

  1. Themes and Topics, which state the high-priority goals and topics for cyber capacity building, as identified by the GFCE;  
  2. An Annex of Principles, which define fundamental values GFCE members uphold in cyber capacity building efforts; and
  3. An Annex of Practical guides, frameworks, and practices for cyber capacity building (CCB) pulled from GFCE Initiatives.

The GACCB reaffirms the function of the GFCE as a global knowledge sharing platform and global coordination mechanism.

The Delhi Communiqué is available in English, French and Spanish: