Practical Guides, Frameworks and Practices

A practice is an agreement that standardises or prescribes an efficient and effective way to accomplish a desired outcome. Good practices are usually published in the form of a document or toolkit which reflects on a proven technique, method, or process. The GFCE community expressed the need to have good practices available which make duplication of efforts efficient and reduces the risk of making avoidable errors.

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Good Practices

1. National Cyber Security Strategy

2. National Capacity Assessments

Assess national cybersecurity capacity using the maturity model  #MaturityModel

Cybercrime and cyber security trends in Africa (Report, 2016)

3. National Computer Security Incident Response

Global Good Practices - National Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs)

Best Practices for Establishing a National CSIRT (Guidebook, 2016)

4. Incident capture and analytics

Establish a clearinghouse for gathering systemic risk conditions data in global network #ClearingHouse

Produce and present trusted metrics about systemic risk conditions#Healthmetrics

Assist with cyber-risk mitigation and keep score of successes #ScoreKeeping

5. Cyber Security Exercises

6. Critical Information Infrastructure Protection

Global Good Practices - Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP)

The GFCE-MERIDIAN Good Practice Guide on Critical Information Infrastructure Protection for governmental policy-makers

Companion Document to the GFCE-MERIDIAN GPGuide on CIIP

7. Legal Frameworks

Global Good Practices - Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure (CVD)

8. Law enforcement in cyberspace

Stimulate local ownership of capacity building programmes through National Project Teams #NationalTeam

Enhance capacity building outreach through regional hubs#RegionalHubs

Free available decryption tools for some of the existing ransomware families

Prevention Advice: How to prevent a ransomware attack?

9. Cyber Security Awareness

Align national campaigns #Campaign

Focus awareness-building through a cybersecurity Awareness Month #Month

Cybersecurity Awareness Campaign Toolkit (Toolkit, 2015)

10. Education and Training

11. Standards Global Good Practices - Internet Infrastructure Initiative
Establish a national multistakeholder platform to promote standards #MSPlatform
Create a website for testing standards-compliance #TestingTool