How can I become a member of the GFCE?

Countries, intergovernmental organizations, international organizations and private companies are eligible for full GFCE Membership.

Membership is free of charge, but active participation is expected. Hence, members plan to attend the GFCE Annual Meeting and intend to contribute either in-kind or financially to one or more cyber capacity building initiatives within the GFCE framework.

Membership procedure

GFCE members can suggest and endorse new members to the GFCE, provided that potential new members acknowledge the three  documents of the GFCE: 

  1. the Hague Declaration 
  2. Framework of the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise
  3. Delhi Communique

When a country or organization would like to submit a request for membership, it is necessary to officially endorse the founding documents. Endorsement will have to be confirmed by the high level representative (f.e., email from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs would be sufficient).

Applications for new membership are received by the GFCE Secretariat and considered based on their merit and proposed initiatives by all GFCE members.

Requests for GFCE membership can be sent to: