The GFCE Working Groups

On November 24th of 2017, the GFCE community endorsed the Delhi Communiqué on the GFCE Global Agenda for Cyber Capacitty Building. This created momentum for the implementation of global ambitions for cyber capacity building in the form of GFCE Working Groups.


The Working Groups will bring together the GFCE community (both members and partners) on themes of interest to encourage the dialogue on implementation of cyber capacity building. In addition, the Working Groups will strengthen international cooperation by developing a common focus, enabling efficient use of available resources and avoiding duplication of efforts.


The Working Groups will encompass existing and planned efforts of the GFCE community in building the global cyber capacities along the line of the five prioritized themes of the Delhi Communiqué over the course of 2018 and 2019.

The five Working Groups related to the themes are:

  • GFCE Working Group A: Cyber Security Policy and Strategy;
  • GFCE Working Group B: Cyber Incident Management and Critical Infrastructure Protection;
  • GFCE Working Group C: Cybercrime;
  • GFCE Working Group D: Cyber Security Culture and Skills;
  • GFCE Working Group E: Cyber Security Standards.


 In line with the Delhi Communiqué, the mandate of the five Working Groups is to effectively respond to the needs and expertise available on specific themes/topics in order to encourage the multistakeholder dialogue on the implementation of cyber capacity building.

The GFCE Working Groups are neutral and transparent with the sole purpose to enhance the dialogue on the implementation of cyber capacity building instead of focusing on cyber policy development.