GFCE Global Good Practices

GFCE members work together on several practical initiatives to build cyber capacity. The capacity building work done in recent years by GFCE members and partners, both within these initiatives and beyond, provides a rich set of experiences and knowledge. Collecting and sharing GGPs will ensure that other cyber capacity building initiatives can benefit from this experience and expertise in their own efforts.

The process of identifying and collecting GGPs (described in detail in the Methodology section) started with the GFCE initiative’s teams and coordinators. Each team identified potential practices to be included in the collection of GGPs. Through discussion and analysis, the teams, with the support of DiploFoundation, narrowed down the selection and prepared a detailed description of each chosen practice. Participants in the process brought with them years of experience and practice in cyber capacity building from within and without the GFCE. The candidate practices were examined in the light of capacity building theory and practice from the development sector. The GFCE community was invited to read and provide feedback on the draft collection of GGPs, which helped further refine the resulting document. This reflective and collaborative process of identifying, analysing, and describing the GGPs ensured GFCE community ownership of the collection and a better knowledge for all about the work done by the many GFCE initiatives.

This document presents the outcome of this process: a collection of identified global good practices from the GFCE.

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