National Cyber Security Assessments

Good Practices

Assess current national practices, threats and vulnerabilities, and develop and implement a comprehensive national cyber security strategy that takes into consideration the role of all stakeholders (government authorities, the private sector, civil society, and citizens) in the process.

Reoccurring national cyber capacity assessments help mitigate identified risks with actions, and identifies areas for improvement, as cyber security evolves. Any level of governance (nationally, regionally and multilaterally) can complete a capacity assessment. In a national cyber capacity assessment, stakeholders may weigh their state of cyber security against an established national or international baseline. Outcomes may provide insight into a stakeholder’s capacity to withstand and cope cyber-attacks and to ensure business continuity. National capacity assessments may help track CCB activities in a standardized and harmonized way.

Stakeholders with experience in the implementation of a NCSS and capacity assessments may share practices, and provide support to nations that are in earlier phases of development. The global stakeholder community should support the build-up and promotion of standards for assessing capacities.