CSIRT Maturity Initiative

The objective of the Cyber Security CSIRT Maturity Initiative is to provide a platform to GFCE members to help emerging and existing CSIRTS to increase their maturity level.

The expertise includes the following:

  • making measurement tools available, like a CSIRT maturity quick scan, and a CSIRT maturity model, thus enabling a more objective approach towards maturity, also allowing comparisons and benchmarking in due course; 
  • best practices, guidelines, template documents that when applied, will improve cyber security CSIRT maturity; 
  • Implementation of instruments that provide indirect CSIRT maturity support, e.g. establishing trainings for CSIRT professionals that are directly aimed at increasing the CSIRT maturity level.

Initiated by the Netherlands, ITU, OAS, MicrosoftFIRST and open for others to join.


CSIRT Maturity initiative explained

CSIRT Maturity Initiative. International Telecommunication Union/Microsoft/The Netherlands/Organization of American States.

KEMAL HUSEINOVIC (ITU): We are initiating the CSIRT Maturity Initiative.
ITU is very active in this field.
We are trying to help countries to establish their national centres.
We work closely with the fifteen countries
and made assessments in sixty-one countries.

ALBERT KINNEY (HP): We live in an internet-dependent world,
and cybersecurity is a shared responsibility.
It's going to take government and industry working together
to make sure that we can secure that world.

This video explaining the CSIRT maturity initiative was recorded during the Global Conference on CyberSpace (GCCS2015) in April 2015