Regional Meetings GFCE Triple-I

The Netherlands, as coordinator of the Internet Infrastructure Intiative, is looking for ways to promote a more trusted use of Internet and email in different regions. Therefore, a series of GFCE Triple-I meetings will be organized in order to create a more trusted Internet experience together. Participants in these meetings are regional stakeholders, including: Internet groups, government, business and technical community who all contribute in finding solutions to strengthen an open end-to-end Internet both at global and local level.

The GFCE Triple-I regional meetings focus on the following elements:

  • learn more about Open Internet Standards such as DNSSEC, TLS, DMARC, DKIM, SPF, DANE and IPv6, in support of more trusted communications;
  • be inspired by Good Practice experience that helped improve reliability of the Internet and collaborative security. Good practice examples will be presented from the region, and from elsewhere that may be of interest in the region;
  • with a collaborative foundation, work to develop and commit to specific actions that will help improve the region’s Internet economy. For this we will work according the Open Space methodology which means that the participants set the agenda, together.

GFCE Triple-I in Kolkata, India during INSIG2019

Following a workshop on 12 October 2018 in New Delhi (see here), GFCE Triple-I will be back with its capacity building workshop in India, this time in Kolkata. On Thursday 14 November 2019, preceding INSIG2019, the Delhi, Trivandrum, Kolkata and Mumbai Chapters of Internet Society will host The Internet Infrastructure Security Day.


To attend this event, please register here. A more detailed agenda and speakers list will be presented closer towards the date. Participation is free, upon confirmation, as there is a limitation to the number of participants.

Are you interested in learning more about previous GFCE Triple-I meetings? Kindly see the reports of the meetings below.