Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure Manifesto

Signatores to the Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure commit to implement public reporting mechanisms on vulnerabilities in their ICT systems and call upon other organizations to do the same. The Manifesto aims to make all parties more aware of the importance of cooperation to improve cybersecurity for everyone. Download the Manifesto here.

Engaging with hacker and research community

Over recent years the importance of ICT and the role it plays in our daily lives has grown exponential. With it, our dependence on ICT and potential negative consequences of vulnerabilities in our ICT-systems are growing as well. Signatories of the Manifesto acknowledge the importance to engage with researchers and the hacker community in the reporting of vulnerabilities in their systems, so weaknesses can be detected and fixed in an early stage.

Launch Manifesto

The Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure Manifesto was launched by 29 organizations during the EU High Level Meeting on Cyber Security on 12 May 2016 in Amsterdam. The Manifesto was initiated by Rabobank and CIO Platform Nederland in coordination with the Dutch National Cyber Security Centre in the context of the Netherlands’ EU Presidency. The Manifesto is signed by major organizations in the field of transport, healthcare, energy and has been embraced by the GFCE initiative on Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure as global best practice.

Representatives of organisations who signed the Manifesto at the EU High Level Meeting on Cyber Security on 12 May 2016 in Amsterdam.