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IAP is the only global network of prosecutorial professionals and aims to

  1. build and strengthen the global community of prosecutors, that means being a global network and helping each other, in mutual legal assistance and in capacity building on a broad spectrum of specialties;
  2. work on raising the standards of prosecution service globally;
  3. promote the effective, fair, impartial and efficient prosecution of criminal offences;
  4. and to respect and seek to protect human rights.
Main recurrent cyber-related events organized by IAP IAP's Global Prosecutors E-crime Network (GPEN) is organizing cybercrime trainings in several regions of the world, together with organizations like the Council of Europe and the Commonwealth Secretariat. GPEN spreads monthly newsletters, runs a discussion forum, produces twitter feeds and holds digital website based libraries. GPEN also produces monthly global webinars for cybercrime prosecutors (specialist and just interested prosecutors) with live streaming, question and answer sessions, recorded digitally and placed on IAP's website.
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