NRD Cyber Security

About NRD Cyber Security

Short Member description NRD Cyber Security is a cybersecurity technology consulting, incident response and applied research company. Company focuses on the services to specialized public services providers (Law enforcement, National CERTs, Telecom, National communication regulators, National critical infrastructure), Finance industry and corporates with high data sensitivity.

Focus specific topics

Securing Digital Environment via assisting Governments building CSIRTs (operations, labs, sensors), creating and deploying cyber sensor technology, identifying and securing Critical Information Infrastructure, enabling INT and LEA organisations in faster analysis.

Main recurrent cyber-related events organized by NRD Cyber Security

  • CSIRT community meetings in Lithuania
  • Annual event Cyber Defence East Africa (hosted in Tanzania, Uganda,¬†6 last years);
  • Annual conference Cyber Defence Lithuania.

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Contact details

Dr. Vilius Benetis,, +37068755503