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Successful first GFCE Triple-I Meeting @IAS2018 Dakar

On Monday 7th of May, during the Africa Internet Summit, AfricaCERT hosted the first GFCE Triple-I Internet Infrastructure...

News item | 17-05-2018 | 16:05

Proud to announce Advisory Board 2018-2020

On behalf of the GFCE co-chairs, the GFCE Secretariat is pleased to present the GFCE Advisory Board 2018-2020. The official...

News item | 04-05-2018 | 10:36

Call for applications: GFCE Advisory Board is now closed

The Global Forum on Cyber Expertise (GFCE) called upon civil society, academia and the technical community to apply for...

News item | 23-02-2018 | 15:01

New additions to the GFCE network: Thailand & CCSIRS

We are proud to announce the GFCE has welcomed both Thailand and the Center for Cyber Security and International Relations ...

News item | 26-01-2018 | 14:44

GFCE pre-GCCS meeting: Putting Principles into Practice

On Tuesday 21 November 2017, the GFCE community has invited a broad range of stakeholders in cyber capacity building to ...

News item | 22-11-2017 | 06:00

GFCE: Moving Forward - Putting Principles into Practice

Author: Manon van Tienhoven, GFCE Secretariat Over the past year, the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise (GFCE) community has...

News item | 21-11-2017 | 10:10

U.S. Department of State and ECOWAS Partner to Promote Cyber Due Diligence in West Africa

Author: Johanna Vazzana, Lead Cybersecurity Engineer, The MITRE Corporation The growth and diffusion of Internet-based...

News item | 21-11-2017 | 10:09


Welcome to the fourth edition of the Global Cyber Expertise Magazine! We are proud to present this edition at the Global...

News item | 21-11-2017 | 10:00

GFCE and Meridian: Combining forces on CIIP

Author: Peter Burnett, Meridian Coordinator CIIP was a fashionable topic for governments when Meridian launched its...

News item | 21-11-2017 | 10:00

Australia’s inaugural International Cyber Engagement Strategy: global in perspective, regional in focus

Author: Dr Tobias Feakin, Australia’s Ambassador for Cyber Affairs The growing complexity of cyberspace means cyber affairs are...

News item | 21-11-2017 | 10:00

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