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The Global Cyber Expertise Magazine Issue 6 is now online

The sixth edition of the Global Cyber Expertise Magazine was presented at the 2019 Annual Meeting and is now available online ...

News item | 24-10-2019 | 11:48

Introducing Cybil, the CCB Knowledge Portal

Announcement: GFCE Knowledge Partners and GFCE Secretariat launch a new cyber capacity knowledge portal at GFCE Annual Meeting ...

News item | 09-10-2019 | 12:50

Fruitful GFCE Triple-I Meeting in Kampala @AIS2019

by Maarten Botterman, GFCE Triple-I Facilitator Triple-I (the Internet Infrastructure Initiative) is a GFCE Initiative with the ...

News item | 25-06-2019 | 11:54

Announcement: African Union Commission (AUC) confirms to host the GFCE Annual Meeting 2019 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The GFCE Secretariat is pleased to announce that the African Union Commission (AUC) officially confirmed to host the GFCE Annual ...

News item | 18-06-2019 | 15:42

GFCE Working Group Meetings 2019 – Bringing the GFCE forward in 2019

From April 3rd- April 4th, the GFCE Working Group Meetings took place in the Hague. The GFCE Working Group Meetings were attended ...

News item | 19-04-2019 | 13:51

GFCE Triple-I Workshop @APRICOT2019, Daejeon, South Korea: Improve Justified Trust in the Internet, together

Triple-I (the Internet Infrastructure Initiative) is a GFCE Initiative with the objective to enhance justified trust in Internet ...

News item | 29-03-2019 | 11:24

National Strategies: interviews behind the cover

The GFCE Working Group for Policy and Strategy presents information regarding the development of national cyber strategies ...

News item | 18-10-2018 | 14:49

Successful GFCE Triple-I New Delhi meeting

On Friday 12 October, preceding the India School on Internet Governance 2018 (INSIG2018), the Indian Ministry of Electronics and ...

News item | 12-10-2018 | 09:14

GFCE Annual Meeting 2018: From Awareness to Implementation

The GFCE Annual Meeting 2018 has focused on the positioning of the GFCE as the facilitating and coordinating platform on the ...

News item | 09-10-2018 | 12:14

Sydney Recommendations - Practical Futures for Cyber Confidence Building in the ASEAN region

In the lead-up to the ASEAN–Australia Special Summit, ASPI’s International Cyber Policy Centre launched an initiative with ...

News item | 05-10-2018 | 13:48