Proud to announce Advisory Board 2018-2020

On behalf of the GFCE co-chairs, the GFCE Secretariat is pleased to present the GFCE Advisory Board 2018-2020. The official installment of the new Advisory Board will take place on the 1st of June, when the two year term of the current AB ends.

Members of the Advisory Board 2018-2020

  • Klee Aiken


  • Enrico Calandro

Research ICT Africa

  • Catherine Garcia van Hoogstraten

The Hague University of Applied Sciences

  • Joyce Hakmeh

Chatham House

  • Yanembal Moorghen

Government of Mauritius (Member representative)

  • Patryk Pawlak

EU Institute for Security Studies

  • Vladimir Radunovic


  • Damir Rajnovic


  • Gabriela Reynaga

ISACA and CEO Holistics GRC

  • J. Satyanarayana

Unique Identification Authority of India

  • Daniela Schnidrig

Global Partners Digital

  • Ian Wallace

New America

After thorough deliberation and with consideration towards the GFCE members preferences, the GFCE co-chairs selected twelve Advisory Board members by taking into account availability, expertise, capacity to bring forward perspectives of the community, geographic and gender balanc

We are proud to announce this ambitious, highly-skilled and diverse group that forms the Advisory Board for the coming two years, and together, we look forward to achieving great accomplishments for this upcoming period. On behalf of the GFCE co-chairs and community, welcome and congratulations!