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A trusted cyber foundation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Human race has always advanced with every twist of our technological evolution. Modern society is increasingly dependent on a mix ...

News item | 08-06-2017 | 09:33

Cybersecurity in Ukraine: National Strategy and international cooperation

In response to large-scale attacks to its critical infrastructure in recent years, Ukraine adopted in 2016 a National ...

News item | 07-06-2017 | 15:36

The EU's efforts in fighting cybercrime: putting together legislative action, cross-sectoral and international cooperation, as well as capacity building

Cybercrime has evolved into one of the greatest challenges for the rule of law across criminal jurisdictions while the ...

News item | 07-06-2017 | 15:13

Robust and coordinated capacity building for a secure and resilient cyberspace

Singapore’s approach to international cyber cooperation To achieve a secure and resilient cyberspace, it is essential for ...

News item | 07-06-2017 | 14:49

Introducing: CAMP (Cybersecurity Alliance for Mutual Progress)

The purpose of the Cybersecurity Alliance for Mutual Progress (CAMP) is to achieve sustainable benefits of secure cyber ...

News item | 07-06-2017 | 14:34

Data protection laws and cybersecurity: Challenges for Latin America

Data protection laws and policies are closely related with cybersecurity: either through principles of data security, regulatory ...

News item | 07-06-2017 | 09:33

Raising cybersecurity awareness by building trust through transparency

People are increasingly distrustful of the internet, and that poses a challenge to its future. Immediate steps to enhance ...

News item | 07-06-2017 | 09:30

The African Union Commission and Internet Society Support Internet Infrastructure Security in Africa

Cyber threats are evolving and increasing at a fast pace. African countries need to urgently scale up their efforts to ...

News item | 31-05-2017 | 17:17

The "Cybersecurity and Cybercrime Trends" Report - A seminal benchmark for African Union countries

With a young population that is rapidly adopting new technologies, a pattern of ICT development that has leap-frogged ...

News item | 31-05-2017 | 15:32

Editorial - Magazine #3

Welcome to the third issue of Global Cyber Expertise Magazine! A joint initiative of the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise, the ...

News item | 31-05-2017 | 15:21