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Cybersecurity and the Fight against Cybercrimes in West Africa: current status, challenges and the future

The growth in the use and development of information and communications technologies (ICTs) go hand in hand with the rise of ...

News item | 07-12-2016 | 00:00

A New Digital Era and the Need to Protect Critical Societal Functions

The EU Cybersecurity Strategy adopted in 2013 identified important gaps across the European Union in terms of national ...

News item | 07-12-2016 | 00:00

Interview with Lynn St. Amour, Chair of the Internet Governance Forum Multi-stakeholder Advisory Group

A decade of IGF: achievements and challenges ahead In March 2016 Lynn St. Amour was appointed as the new Chair of the ...

News item | 07-12-2016 | 00:00

Cybersecurity Strategy: a tool for better cyber protection

The rapid growth of the Internet population has contributed to the economy and provided new opportunities to many African ...

News item | 07-12-2016 | 00:00

The Budapest Convention on Cybercrime: a framework for capacity building

The Convention on Cybercrime of the Council of Europe was opened for signature in Budapest in November 2001. Fifteen years later, ...

News item | 07-12-2016 | 00:00

"Pokémon Go" and Legal Implications in Brazil

The launching of new games always causes excitement, but the level of access to personal and sensitive data may bring risks. Do ...

News item | 07-12-2016 | 00:00

Governmental auditing as a catalyst to improve cybersecurity mindset of LAC governments

Latin America and the Caribbean still have opportunities to improve the cybersecurity mindset of their governments. Recent ...

News item | 07-12-2016 | 00:00

GFCE Annual Meeting 2016: Connecting the dots in global cyber capacity building

During the first Annual Meeting of the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise (GFCE) in June 2016 over 100 cyber policymakers and ...

News item | 07-12-2016 | 00:00

Helping companies rise to the challenge

Launched at the Global Conference on Cyberspace in 2015, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Cyber security guide for ...

News item | 07-12-2016 | 00:00

October Cybersecurity Awareness Month

News item | 07-12-2016 | 00:00