Advisory Board

The main role of the Advisory Board is to advice on the overall strategic direction of the GFCE and be part of the GFCEs future endeavours. The Advisory Board can also provide substantive input on and recommendations to capacity building initiatives and will have networking and exposure opportunities. The Advisory Board advises the GFCE upon request and on its own initiative.

The Advisory Board consists of two Co-Chairs and approximately ten members. One of the Co-Chairs is appointed by GFCE Members, ensuring effective linkage with the strategic planning and operations of the GFCE. The other Co-Chair is elected by the Board from among its members. The Board has an appropriate mix of expertise. The members are recruited from civil society, the technical community and academia, selected so as to ensure geographical, gender and stakeholder balance.

For more information on the purpose, composition and responsibilities of the Advisory Board, please read the Advisory Board Terms of Reference.

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